Christmas Craft Project: DIY Canvas & A Crockin’ Giveaway

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My little Leprechaun goes to a toddler program 2 days a week (Though he’s fast growing past toddler into preschooler!) and he absolutely loves it! He gets so excited when we pull into the parking lot and it has taught him so much. Not just about ABC’s and 123’s but about being kind and being a good friend and loving to learn. We do those things at home but it’s a nice reinforcement and chance for him to socialize. The teachers there do an amazing job loving on the babies and one thing this year has taught me is how special teachers are and that we need to appreciate them so I wanted to do a special Christmas craft project for them as their gifts.

I got a new Silhouette for my birthday in November and have finally taken the time to learn to use it. I love the DIY canvases with meaningful sayings or photos that I’ve seen made using the Silhouette but this craft can with done with items such as Plaid Peel and Stick letter stencils and a regular stencil and stencil adhesive for the photo.

I chose a muted dark green and a winter blue to spray paint the small canvases with. The design I had in mind is very simple and I felt a bringht color would conflict with the design. The canvases are 5×8 so small enough to go on a desk or mantle with a little stand.

christtmas craft project supplies


I used painters tape to tape off the edges of the canvases as the plan was for the canvases to have crisp white edges, I taped the edges and folded the excess over the back of the canvas. I then spray painted in short bursts the respective colors over each canvas and let them dry for an hour.

Christmas Craft Project Canvas


I chose two lines from my favorite Christmas carols to be the sentiment on the canvases. “All is calm. All is bright.” from Silent Night and “With a voice as big as the sea” from “Do You Hear What I Hear?”. I used a bold font for the key words of the phrases and a more understated one for the rest. I downloaded two Christmas children’s silhouettes because they were going to be teacher gifts but Nativity scenes would work here as well.

Christmas Craft Project Screen


After creating the design in the Silhouette software I printed it out on white vinyl to create a contrast with the darker backgrounds. I then used the hook tool to pull the vinyl up. I put the silhouettes down first because they were the biggest item and the letters would need to be centered around them. It was tricky working with the fancier font as it’s so thin and curvy. I had to work carefully and it took a few tries to get everything centered. If you don’t have a Silhouette here is where you would lay out the peel and stick stencils and paint them in. Pull them up before they dry because otherwise the paint comes up with them.

Christmas Craft Project Vinyl


The plan was for the tape to create a stark white border against the colored canvases. This worked for the blue canvas but there was quite a bit of bleeding with the green canvas. To correct it, I painted black around the edges of the canvas to cover the leaked paint and create depth. I am really glad it wasn’t the blue that leaked because it wouldn’t have looked nearly as nice as the dark green and black did.

Christmas Craft Project Paint

This Christmas craft project was one of my first with the Silhouette and I really like how the little canvases turned out. They didn’t require many materials and they were easy to do. I love what they say and I love the simple sweetness of the children by the tree and hanging their stockings and thought it was a perfect fit for the teachers who take such good care of my Leprechaun.

Christmas Canvases

Now for a Crockin’ Little Christmas giveaway. I absolutely love my crockpot and as a busy mom with 2 very small children, it lets me throw dinner in the pot in the morning and go about my day and a home cooked meal is ready when it’s time. If you don’t have a crock pot or just want to update yours to a really pretty one, I have a great giveaway for you. A $50 prize pack that includes a cute black and white crock pot (non programmable), Reynolds crock pot liners, 3 new crockpot dish seasoning mixes for some great dishes, and in case you want to relax with a cuppa while dinner is cooking a $15 Starbucks gift card! Fun prize, right?

Crock Giveaway

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