Holiday Craft: Make Your Own Snow Globes

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One of my favorite holiday decorations are snow globes, especially since I love in Texas and it rarely snows! There’s usually a beautiful or adorable scene and watching the snow gently cascade down through the globe is so relaxing and mesmerizing. I saw Martha Stewart make her own globes (Is there anything that woman won’t make?!?) and I decided how hard could it be. Well… on.

I decided to make one for each of my children and then a more traditional Santa snow globe.

To make this craft you will need:

Jar with lid (I bought mine half off at Hobby Lobby but you can use any pasta sauce, olive, mayo, etc. jar that you have around the house.)

Ornament with a flat enough base to be glued down


Spray paint (if you decide to paint your lid)

Stick on letters (again this step is entirely optional)

Glycerine (Martha goes on about how easy it is to get glycerin at a pharmacy. News flash- the only glycerin at the pharmacy was suppositories. Uh no. I found it in the baking department at Hobby Lobby.)

Snow or glitter for the inside of globe.

To make the jars:

When you are selecting your ornament, make sure the ornament is in proportion to the size of the jar, will work in water (ie plastic, resin, etc.). I recommend putting the ornament in the jar at the store or at home before you start making the globe. I discovered too late one of my ornaments was too big to fit in the jar.

Spray paint the lids if you choose to. (I worked so hard making sure the 3 lids were painted just so and guess what…no one is going to see the base of the snowglobes. Just make sure the sides are painted really well.)

Once the lids are dry, hot glue your ornament to the inside of the lid. (Turn lid upside down and glue. This is why it’s so important to have an ornament with a base, legs, or wheels that can be glued.

While the ornament’s glue is drying, fill the jar almost full with water. Leave about half an inch for the water and snow to move around.

Add 1 teaspoon of glycerin for every 2-3 cups of water. The glycerin will slow down the falling of the snow or glitter to create the cascade effect.

Add either the glitter or the snow. It needs to be quite a bit to create the snowing effect.

Once the ornament is dry, put the lid back on the jar. The ornament will be upside down at first and so turn the jar upside down which will right the ornament and create the snowing effect.

Be careful when choosing your jar because mine did leak a little bit so pick one with a good seal.

Now is the time to put any lettering on the jar. Not like me who did it first, but then when I screwed the lid in my ornament was facing the wrong direction and I had to do it over!

Even though they looked really cute when done and were fairly easy to do, they didn’t quite have that cascading effect I was hoping for. It all moved in one big mass. I’m hoping as the snow flakes absorb more water the magic cascade will happen and mesmerize me. I can hope.

My tips for this project are pick a good jar that won’t leak and make sure your ornament is right for your jar and one that can be glued down.

Here is my snow globe trio!

Holiday Craft Snow Globes

I made this mixer for my little leprechahn. His favorite book is Good Night Construction Site so I thought it was a perfect fit. The jar’s lid is just a tad deep and you can’t see the wheels, but all in all I love it and so does he! I put Merry Mixer on the jar.

Holiday Craft Mixer

I chose this ginger girl for my own ginger haired little Princess Sparkles. She turned out really cute and was just the right size for her jar.  I labeled this one Sweet Girl for added flair.

holiday craft girl snowglobe

Finally, I did this vintage Santa. I loved the ornament but even though I got him a bigger jar, he still looks like he’s trapped but maybe it’s just his expression. This one didn’t turn out as cute as the other two, but not too shabby and he can stay. :-) Of course this one says Ho Ho Ho!

Santa Snow Globe

While I am not sure the snow globes were as easy as Martha implied, if you choose the right jar and ornament you can have an adorable holiday craft keepsake!







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