Homemade Christmas Gift or Holiday Treat Idea: Candy Cane Bouquet

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With a weekend trip to Dickens on the Strand in Galveston, Texas (one of the largest Dickens & A Christmas Carol festivals) our family is really getting in the holiday and Christmas spirit. It was 85 degrees and not a cloud in the sky, but we sang carols, played in the (quickly melting) snow, and stepped back into the Victorian era and into the Dickens classic. That got me in the mood to work on one of my homemade Christmas gift ideas. After a false start, this holiday treat idea turned out really cute and I’m so excited to share it…and a few snaps of the festival!

First let me tell you a bit about the festival to get you in the holiday spirit. If you’re not familiar with Galveston, Texas, it’s a small island off the Texas coast about an hour from Houston. In 1900, before there were any hurricane warning systems the town was almost wiped out by a devastating storm. Some of the Victorian era buildings and homes survived the storm and lend the seaside town a charm and almost feels as if you’ve stepped back in time so it’s the perfect setting to celebrate the Dickens era.

The Sealy Bank Building was built in 1895 and is a pink granite building that amazingly survived the 1900 storm.


It’s a great family friendly festival with musicians, street jugglers, a falconer, arts and crafts booths and of course food! My little guy had his first snow experience (or slush at 85 degrees,) had his first pony ride, and stalked the baby goats in a sweet petting zoo. We also ran into a band of pirates. Really.


Straight out of the Dickens Christmas Carol came the Bobbies, the Beef Eaters, and of course the Ghost of Christmas Past and Tiny Tim.



So feeling Christmas-y and in the holiday spirit I began my homemade Christmas gift. I saw in a magazine to melt chocolate dip candy canes in chocolate and add sprinkles. Easy peasy like falling off a log, right? Well, maybe if it’s not 85 degrees and 70% humidity! The chocolate would not set and was a gooey mess! So I put my McGyver holiday treat maker hat on and came up with a plan! I used frosting instead! I put frosting on the top third of cocoa stirrers, added red and green sprinkles and let the frosting harden (which it did thankfully!) and put them in a mug with red and green candy canes. The frosting needs to be the kind that you use for cookies that will harden. I put some tissue paper at the bottom of the mug to brace the candy. With all the candy, the red and green and the cute snowflake mug I think it turned into an adorable homemade Christmas gift or holiday treat to give! And it was so easy. Literally dip the candy into frosting, sprinkle, and let set. And I “sampled” one and it passed the taste test! :-) Well, I had to check, right?

Homemade Christmas Gift Idea

So there you have it- easy and frugal gift idea and a little time travel to te Victorian era! Am I the only one that thinks Bob Marley even though it’s Jacob Marley? Ok so it’s just me.

Homemade Christmas Gift Idea

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    What a clever idea! I love that it is simple and quick. Thanks for visiting and commenting on OneCreativeMommy.com.


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